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Office Coffee

We supply our craft roasted coffee to many offices throughout Switzerland, from small architect firms to large co-working spaces. Orders can be made easily on this website, by purchasing on demand or through our simple subscription facility. Prices range from 17.90-24.9 0CHF per kilo with free shipping. Sign up today for an online account, with credit card or invoice payment options. We also supply a range of automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines that can be tailored to your office space.

Coffee for restaurants

We study seasons, weather patterns, climates and local soil compositions in order to create exquisite and unique flavours and aromas. Not only do we create distinctive blends and various single origin coffee, we look to develop exciting signature blends and home branded coffee with clients to suit the needs of their brands and establishments. We provide barista training at your premises for your staff and ongoing technical support.
At Ibex, we aim to inspire others to take a journey with us – to partner with likeminded businesses that truly care about traceability and conservation, which is reflected in the quality of the cup.
For those businesses interested in taking the first steps to serving real craft coffee we have a great offer for you: our Ibex House Blend – A rich and aromatic Arabica blend of fine craft coffee from South and Central America for just 24.90CHF per kilo (Free delivery).

White Label

We offer customized blends for companies*, whereby we work together in the Ibex roastery to formulate a coffee that best suits your tastes and needs. These unique blends can also be packaged into retail coffee bags with your brand stamped onto them. Drop us a line for further details.

* only monthly orders exceeding 20KG

Ibex House Blend – Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil

Our signature blend, formulated in the Blackbird roastery way back in 2014. Strong, medium-roasted Latin American Arabica (70%) with a lighter roasted burst of East African citrus and flora (30%). While the estates change with the seasons, this failsafe blend from three countries with coffee growing heritage ensures absolute quality and consistency across the year.

Africa Blend – Ethiopia Arabica - 70%, Uganda Robusta - 30%

A powerful blend from the last frontier. This subtle yet complex Arabica bean from the Ethiopian highlands pits beauty against the beast – our strong dark-roasted Ugandan Robusta, and the result is a perfectly rounded cup of deep flavour with playful intensity and a toasted caramel after-taste.

El Dorado – 100% Single Origin Colombian Arabica

During an exploration trip to the Colombian highlands of Caldas province in 2017, Team Ibex visited the team of coffee cowboys running the Salamina Coffee Exchange, and now we only receive the best. El Dorado, or ‘Place of Fabulous Riches,’ is a Colombian Arabica that changes with the seasons, but remains distinctively Colombian and distinctively exquisite.

Ibex Explorer – A Roaming Single Origin – 100% Arabica

The Explorer is the Ibex Wildcard – ever changing, never disappointing. For 2020, the Explorer boots will be filled by a single origin from the Himalayan foothills of Gorkha province, Nepal. With Mount Everest to the North East and the Annapurna Range to the North West, these beans have to rise up to the grandeur of the Roof of the World and the result is a single origin delight – not too intense, but perfectly rounded and smooth.

Epic Blend – Ethiopia, Brazil – 100% Arabica

A blend created for the riders of the Swiss Epic, one of the toughest mountain bike stage races on the planet. As coffee providers for Swiss Epic 2018 & 2019 we had to find the right beans and the right blend to shake the riders awake for the long day ahead. Step up a robust and nutty Arabica from the south eastern Cerrado region of Brazil, blended with an Ethiopian Sidamo, characterised by chocolate notes and fruity flavours with light berry acidity. The result – a power punch for the saddle followed by a tender kiss for the road.


Subscription Options

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Choice/Blend Option

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  • El Dorado
  • Africa Blend
  • Explorer
  • Epic Blend

Quantity Options

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Grind Options

  • Whole Beans
  • Espresso

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